Cyclone secondary recovery system

Big cyclone powder spraying room is suitable for a variety of color spraying, the number of color change customers preferred;
High efficiency cyclone separation device was used, the single separation rate was up to 97%;
Quick color change and powder supply center can realize automatic recycling of powder. When color change and cleaning, powder supply center can automatically clean powder pump, powder pipe and powder gun.
At the bottom of the duct exhaust way, can have cross to improve powder quality;
Spraying room main material can be PP plate or stainless steel plate;
Hand spray can be filled by inner hand or outer hand;
Automatic pulse cleaning at the bottom of the spray chamber to prevent powder accumulation for a long time and affect the quality of fine powder;
High quality nano film coated filter element and automatic filter element cleaning device, durable;
The clean gas can be directly discharged in the room after being filtered by nano-film coated filter element, reaching the emission standard.

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