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Electrostatic spraying equipment in the industrial production of advantages, and foreign coating equipment from several million to tens of millions of earlier equipment input costs, so that many enterprises are prohibitive to UV paint. In accordance with the actual situation of local enterprises, Xin Kaisen has worked out several sets of UV coating solutions suitable for domestic large and medium sized enterprises through repeated experiments and research, and assists enterprise layout UV lacquer production line from process formulation, equipment procurement, technical support and personnel training. At the same time, Xin Kaisheng will also improve the coating equipment plan according to the customers' characteristics, so as to make the finishing effect perfect. Foxconn, brothers, Honda, GREE and so on

Product Description:
Electrostatic spraying equipment is a widely used coating technology and technology in modern spraying field. It can replace the spraying process of liquid coatings and has the following characteristics:
1. Electrostatic spraying is solvent free spraying, which basically eliminates solvent poisoning and environmental pollution.
2, mechanical properties, impact strength and wear resistance are all comparable to liquid coatings.
3, the electrostatic spraying coating has stronger adhesion than the solvent coating. The corrosion resistance and three protection properties of the coating are better than that of the liquid coating.
4, electrostatic spraying process can save energy, materials (powder coatings can be recycled two times), its comprehensive economic indicators are also superior.

The electrostatic powder spraying equipment is composed of the chamber, the spray gun, the electrostatic generator, the recovery system and the electronic control system. The suspension conveyer is connected with the preprocessing and the powder curing furnace to form the operation of the flow production line.
Product characteristics and technology

The electrostatic powder spraying equipment can be used in the following environment:
1. An occasion that is not more than 1000 meters above sea level.
2, the cleanliness of the gas source: less than 5? M.
3. There is no severe shock and shock.
4. Oil content: less than 10ppm.
5, gas source: 0.6Mpa 20m? /h.
6. Non corrosive gas and flammable and explosive occasions.
7, power: AC 220V-50Hz.
8, the relative humidity of air is not more than 85%.

Product use
Electrostatic powder spraying equipment: powder electrostatic spraying is a charged particle of powder. Under the action of electrostatic field, it is adsorbed to the surface of the workpiece and solidified to form a coating. Powder electrostatic spraying can improve workers' working conditions without solvent, and will not cause air pollution. As the powder can be recycled, the utilization of raw materials is improved, the cost of material consumption is reduced, the coating performance is superior, and the acid resistance, alkali resistance and salt corrosion resistance of the paint film are better than that of the paint film.
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