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spraying-type pretreatment

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  • spraying-type pretreatment

Spray multi-station pretreatment is a common equipment for surface treatment, and its principle is to use mechanical scouring to accelerate chemical reactions to complete the process of oil removal, phosphating, washing and other processes.The typical process of steel spraying pretreatment is pre-degreasing, degreasing, washing, washing and pure water washing.Before treatment can also be used to clear shot blasting machine, suitable for simple structure, serious rust, oil or less oil steel.There is no water pollution.

Spray type before processing system adopts the centrifugal water pump through a pipeline formed by the nozzle high-pressure atomization effect, achieve clean, its advantage lies in the high pressure atomization effect, make the surface clean, and recycling cleaning fluid, so as to achieve the purpose of environmental protection, easy to form a batch production, high efficiency, is widely used in home appliances, hardware, lighting, toys, auto parts and other industries.For single variety, small size, simple geometry, large production of the workpiece should be spray processing

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