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Powder jet reciprocating machine

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The characteristics of the whole machine are made of the special worm gear reducer for the power unit, which is all aluminum alloy structure with the characteristics of transverse torque, low noise and maintenance free. By using MITSUBISHI inverter in Japan, microprocessor control and IGBT technology make it reliable and flexible. The complete protection function provides protection for inverter itself and motor. The control unit uses the high precision position sensor output coding signal to the circuit board for high-speed processing, so that the upper and lower revolving points of the elevator are controlled without pole adjustment. The control operation is simple, high precision, can realize multi - break and multi speed control, can start in any position, have upper and lower limit protection function, high reliability, no stroke phenomenon. The mechanical parts use eight rollers to hold the square guide rail from four directions and drive up and down with the chain. This roller is made of special material, running smoothly, without jitter, low noise and extremely low wear rate. The control part can also choose the touch screen and PLC control. The machine can also be used for automatic lacquer lift. The other travel color can be customized according to the needs of the customer.

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