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The characteristics of the spraying robot:

(1) gas spraying robot

Gas spraying robot is also called low pressure gas spraying, and the spray machine relies on low pressure air to form atomization air after spray out of the muzzle on the surface of the object (wall or wood surface), and the air spray is brushless than the hand brush, and the plane is relatively uniform and the unit working time is short, and the short working period can be effectively reduced. However, there is splashing phenomenon in the air spraying, and there is a waste of paint. When we look at it closely, we can see very fine graininess. Generally, gas spraying is used in the general air compressor in the decoration industry. It is relatively a multi - use machine and low investment cost. There are also special machinery, such as gas spraying machine, self falling gas spraying machine and so on.

(2) airless spraying robot

The airless spraying robot can be used for the construction of high viscosity paints, and the edges are clear, and even can be used for spraying projects with boundary requirements. Depending on the mechanical type, it can be divided into pneumatic airless sprayer, electric airless spraying machine, internal combustion airless spraying machine, automatic spraying machine and so on. Also, it should be noted that if the metal surface is sprayed, the best choice is metal paint.
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