Xinkaisheng automobile painting project was officially launched

Time: 2019-02-27 View: 1599

        In order to ensure a happy cooperation between our company and the Indonesian company, and to ensure the completion of the automobile coating line project within the specified time, our company organized the engineering department to go to Indonesia to carry out the installation of the automobile coating line project on February 18, 2019. The project was started by our engineering staff hand in hand.


         Our staff are united and make concerted efforts.


        Our company in order to show that the owner of a full range of services, with the construction unit to complete the project with high efficiency; Wang gong, the engineering director of our company, said that we should pay close attention to the construction site, timely coordinate and solve the problems of materials, and strive to cooperate with the high-quality and efficient promotion of work. Finally, under the leadership of wang gong of our company, the spirit of "one family, one mind, one goal and one strength" was promoted for all the participants to start from their own work and work together to complete the project construction.
Safe, fast, high quality to complete the project construction, is mutually beneficial to both parties, we participate in personnel should continue to carry forward far afraid tired "tiejun" spirit, play an exemplary role, high-altitude construction project system, realize the good cooperation and win-win with Indonesia, at the same time also to lay a good foundation for the long-term development of both sides.

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