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Coating production line process [Xin Kaisheng spray equipment] fuel injection equipment manufacturer, electrostatic powder spraying equipment production line

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Prophase production</div><div>Before processing, there are manual simple process and automatic pretreatment process, and the latter is divided into two processes: automatic spraying and automatic dipping. The workpiece must be surface treated before powder injection to remove oil and rust. In this section, there are more liquid medicine, including rust remover, degreasing agent, table regulator, phosphating agent and so on

The first thing to pay attention to is to set up the necessary system for the purchase, transportation, storage and use of strong acid and alkali, to provide the necessary protective clothing, safe and reliable loading, handling, and equipment, as well as emergency treatment and rescue measures in case of accident. Secondly, in the pretreatment section of the coating line, there is a certain amount of waste materials such as waste gas and waste liquid. Therefore, in the environmental protection measures, the exhaust gas, discharge and waste disposal devices must be configured.

The quality of the pre treated parts is different due to the different process flow of the pretreatment liquid and the coating line. Treatment of better workpiece, surface oil, rust to do, in order to prevent a short time to rust again, in general should be in a few processes after pretreatment, phosphating or passivation treatment: before the powder, the phosphated workpiece should also be dried to the surface water. Small batch production is usually done by natural air drying, sun drying and air drying. For large quantities of water production, low temperature drying is usually adopted, oven or drying way.

Organization of production</div><div>For small quantities of workpieces, manual powder spraying devices are usually adopted. For large quantities of workpieces, manual or automatic powder spraying devices are usually used. Whether manual powder injection or automatic dusting, it is very important to control the quality. Make sure that the workpiece is evenly distributed and the thickness is uniform, so that the defects such as thin spray, leakage spray and rub down can be prevented.

n the process of coating production line, we should also pay attention to the hook part of the work piece. Before entering the curing process, the powder on the hook should be blown away as much as possible to prevent the excess powder on the hook. When it is difficult to remove the residual powder before curing, the solidified powder film on the hook should be stripped in time so as to ensure the hook conduction. Good, in order to profit the work of the workpiece easy to wear powder.

Curing process</div><div>What should be paid attention to in this process are: spray good workpiece, if it is small batch single piece production, before entering the curing furnace, pay attention to prevent the bump powder, if there is powder phenomenon, the powder should be filled in time. During baking, strict control of technology and temperature and time should be paid to prevent color deficiency, over drying or short time.

For large quantities of automatic delivery of the workpiece, before entering the drying path also carefully check whether leakage, spray or local powder phenomenon, such as the discovery of unqualified parts, should be closed to prevent entering the dryer, as far as possible to take off the heavy spray. If the individual workpiece is unqualified due to thin spray, it can be re solidified after curing.

Coating means covering the protective layer or decorative layer on the surface of metal and non-metal. The coating line

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