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What's the difference between spray molding, powder spraying and paint spraying?

Time: 2019-04-04 View: 4467
1. Spray painting and powder spraying are two completely different coating methods. Spray painting is to use compressed air to disperse the liquid paint (commonly known as paint) into mist particles to adhere to the surface of the coated object, while powder spraying is to use compressed air to disperse the powder particles into mist particles under the action of high voltage electrostatic field to adsorb on the surface of the coated object.
2. The correct name for powder spraying is electrostatic powder spraying, which is not simply done with a spray gun. Electrostatic powder spraying equipment is composed of powder bucket (powder with compressed air), high voltage electrostatic generator, electrostatic powder gun composition.
3. Plastic spraying coating (also known as porcelain spraying coating, multi-layer decorative pattern coating, relief coating, gorgeous brick spraying, Bonn brick spraying) is a kind of architectural coating with aggregate, which is mainly composed of organic polymer, organic material, silica sol and other inorganic materials. The commonly used organic polymers are styrene-acrylic emulsion, pure acrylic emulsion, epoxy-acrylic emulsion, vinyl-vinyl acetate copolymer emulsion, water-emulsion epoxy resin, etc. Rutile type titanium dioxide, lithopone, zinc oxide, talc, mica, quartz powder and fibrous materials such as asbestos are commonly used in mixed fillers. The variety and dosage of additives are determined according to the base material.

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