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Suggestions for development of coating production line: automatic spray coating line for injection equipment production line

Time: 2018-06-28 View: 1851

The coating production line equipment has been developing continuously since 70s, especially after the reform and opening up, but it is basically in a "spontaneous" state. The domestic coating equipment does not adapt to the market demand, and many key spraying equipment are still introduced. It is estimated that there are more than thousands of existing production lines in our country, and hundreds of new production lines will be invested each year. The investment in the country is about 100 billion yuan a year, and the share of foreign products and joint ventures is 30% - 40%.

(1) to pay attention to the cultivation of professional personnel. Colleges and universities should set up relevant specialties according to the market demand, strengthen the training of the existing personnel, improve the technical quality, strengthen the investment in the technology development of the coating production line, and establish a management system for the modernization of the painting industry.

(2) due to the proportion and role of the coating production line in the national economy, it is necessary to create the necessary public opinion, attract the attention of the state functional departments and industry management departments, carry out the necessary macro planning and professional guidance, and give the necessary support to the development of the industry.

. Establish the information network of the national painting industry as soon as possible, improve the quality of the coating and strengthen the exchange of technology, organize and coordinate the visit, discussion, digestion and innovation of the imported projects, and work together for the localization of the coating equipment.

(4) to strengthen the management of the coating safety technology, implement the relevant national standards for the safety regulations of the painting operation, recommend the implementation of the design and manufacturing license system of the coating production line, improve and improve the safety protection measures, ensure the safety of production and personnel, and meet the requirements of environmental protection

The new technology is adopted and the new coating is popularized. The technical transformation of the original coating production line is made, and the non-standard design and production of the equipment of the coating production line are changed into standardization, series design and production, and the technical level and production level of the equipment of the coating production line are improved. New technology, new equipment and new materials are adopted, energy saving measures are adopted actively, on-line testing is adopted, the application of computer in the coating production line is popularized, the mechanization and automation level of the production line is improved, the anticorrosion and decoration quality of the coating work is improved, and the quality of the coating production line is guaranteed.

The occupation of the market requires careful planning, marketing, service, scientific management, advanced technology and excellent service. The design and manufacturing units of the painting industry should cooperate with the same mind and work together to serve the users better.

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