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Electrostatic spraying automatic powder spraying equipment / automatic painting / spray equipment production line manufacturer

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Our company is committed to the entire factory coating equipment to achieve the real meaning of intelligent and environmental protection functions and continuous breakthrough and innovation! In response to the government's call for environmental protection production, to solve the problem of difficult employment for enterprises as our development direction. Make unremitting efforts to build intelligent and environment-friendly coating equipment for customers! Existing products include: powder electrostatic coating line, paint spraying production line, electrophoretic coating equipment, all kinds of pre-coating processing equipment, painting robot, etc. Under the support and care of new and old customers, our company's products sell well across the country and expand to overseas markets. Company's products have been widely used in automotive, communications, hardware, plastic, toys, and other industries, for beautiful, spring and seiko, many famous companies such as panasonic, foxconn's a variety of coating equipment and transportation equipment, obtained the customer consistent high praise.
  • 0755-29752866
  • 15818527808
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