Let you understand the new process of electrostatic powder spraying equipment production line

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With regard to the development of new processing technology in the production line of electrostatic powder spraying machine and equipment, thermosetting plastic powder has always been affected by the curing temperature (the conventional curing temperature is 180℃, 20min), which restricts the application area of processing technology.

In recent years, more and more low-temperature solidified plastic powders have appeared.

It has been reported that the powder can be cured at 120 ℃x20min, and the low temperature curing powder may still exist in problems such as poor storage stability, which to some extent hindering the application area.

The corona charging electrostatic spray gun, a new breakthrough in the production line of electrostatic powder spraying, has experienced several steps, such as voltage charging, voltage charging, total energy control charging (TEC), etc.

The first two charging methods limit electrostatic spraying product workpiece to metal material parts, while TEC totalenergy control technology breaks through the above limitation.

Its technology mainly lies in when the distance of electrostatic spray gun and product workpiece (connecting point) changes, at the same time can automatically adjust the voltage and voltage to maintain the total charging energy, effectively control the charged amount of powder, ensure high efficiency on powder.

Baking equipment: for low-temperature solidified powder, a special drying path is applied to solidify and remove the volatile components produced by the board under the condition of continuous high temperature.

That is, the volatiles are consumed in the drying path, while ensuring that the curing temperature is stable at the processing temperature.

This is different from ultraviolet (UV) curing, uv curing is the first use of infrared lamps to make the powder melt leveling (below 100℃, followed by uv lamps with a few seconds of curing film.

Based on the above mentioned points, the industrial production of electrostatic powder spraying (low temperature curing) for plate (Mdf) started in the late 1990s. In August, 1999, the automatic Mdf plate dedicated production line was successfully put into production in The UK.

In the next few years, Mdf powder spraying process in the powder production line will have a rapid development.

Perhaps Mdf powder spraying process in the future to be improved in the following aspects: coating curing low temperature;Diversification of coating varieties;By selecting electrostatic spray gun with TEC charging technology and updating and transforming the existing curing machinery and equipment, the production line can be both electrostatic spraying hardware products and electrostatic spraying Mdf and so on!

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