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How to choose automatic production line?

Time: 2019-03-20 View: 1187

General comprehensive consideration of the following factors to choose the type of stamping production line.

(1) product material: including material type, forming performance, hardness, etc., to measure the selection of coil or sheet forming.

(2) material thickness: consider the tonnage of the stamping machine and the supporting form of the feeding mechanism together with the material.

(3) monthly supply and demand: evaluate the production capacity, determine the production tempo, and balance the selection of automatic line types.

(4) the volume of stamping products and the degree of modeling difficulty: through the modeling complexity and product quality requirements, the mold design mode and corresponding stamping automatic production mode are comprehensively considered.

Progressive die stamping production line

(1) overview: progressive die stamping automatic production line is the use of progressive die stamping production line, generally by uncoiling feeder, stamping machine, progressive die, automatic blanking line.Realize the automatic process of collecting finished products from coiling, flat strip, oiled strip, stamping parts and off-line.

One important part: progressive die, composed of a number of stations, many up to more than 20 stations, each station in turn in order to correlation, complete different processing content, generally in turn for punching, trimming, flanging, shaping, blanking process.Complete a series of different processing tasks in one stroke of the press.After the completion of a stroke, by the feeder in accordance with a fixed step in the direction of downward movement of the material belt, so that in a stamping machine reciprocating times can be completed at the same time multiple processes processing.

(2) features: progressive die stamping automatic production line production beat is high, generally up to 30 times /min or more.

A. high production efficiency.Progressive die is a multi-task process die, in a mold, can include punching, bending and stretching and other processes, with high productivity.Progressive die layout process.

B. easy to automate.Automatic operation can be realized from feeding, feeding, processing and cutting parts, so as to reduce labor cost, improve production efficiency and prevent abnormalities caused by inconsistency of manual operation.

C. It can be produced with high-speed punch.According to the state of the product, the use of high-speed punch can be considered to achieve higher production efficiency.

D. safe operation.The equipment of the stage compressor has safety door to improve the material utilization rate.The working area is separated from the operating area, forming a relatively closed working area and providing safety guarantee for high-speed production.The traditional series production line can achieve high production efficiency.

E. Save production plant area.A machine tool is composed of the processing part of a production line, which can complete the production of a product, occupies a small area, and also simplifies the transport state detection of the base material and semi-finished products, with high safety.

F. low material utilization.Due to the continuity of the material belt and the requirements, in order to ensure the stability of the feed, it is necessary to ensure the uniform distribution of the content of each process state and process, sometimes part of the material will be sacrificed, so as to achieve a higher material utilization rate.


Multi-station stamping automatic production line

(1) overview: a large tonnage press worktable placed in a number of (generally 4~5 pairs of molds) independent workstation mold production line, using the piler or uncoiling feeder feeding, using automatic feeding rod for process parts transfer, using automatic belt to collect the off-line products, as shown in figure 3.

(2) characteristics

A. The base material can be either coil material or sheet material, with great flexibility, which is conducive to improving the material utilization rate.

B. Using automatic rod feeding, the punching times are lower than the progressive die production line, and higher than the traditional series production line, which can achieve higher production efficiency.

C. The upper and lower material inductor, double material detection, hand clamp inductor, mold inductor and so on can be added to detect the position and state of the material sheet and the workpiece in production, with high safety.

D. There are higher requirements for the feeding height and stamping direction of the molds at each working position. In order to ensure the stability of the feeding, it is necessary to ensure the consistency of each working procedure.


Automatic series stamping production line

(1) overview: multiple presses are arranged in sequence to form an automatic production line in series.A set of molds (that is, a working procedure of the production process) is placed on the working platform of each press, and the automatic mechanical arm or robot completes the work of feeding, transferring the working procedure parts and loading and unloading, as shown in figure 4.

(2) characteristics.

A. Wide application range, can be applied to the production of various stamping parts, stamping parts size, shape, plate thickness is not high requirements, can be applied to the production of large covering pieces, flexible performance.

B. Low production efficiency. Because of the use of mechanical arm to feed, the number of beats cannot be higher.

C. It is conducive to mold maintenance and debugging. Since each mold belongs to each press, the clamping and working parameters are independent, and each mold process maintenance and debugging can be carried out independently without affecting each other.

D. It takes up a large area of the production plant. A traditional series production line generally includes 4~5 presses, covering a large area.

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