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What are the advantages of automated assembly lines and their application?

Time: 2019-03-20 View: 1275
I. advantages of automatic assembly line
Using automated assembly line production, be helpful for the application of advanced science and technology and modern enterprise management technology, can simplify the production layout, reduce the number of production workers and middle and semi-finished products warehouse storage capacity, shorten the production cycle, improve the quality of produce, increase product, reduce the production cost, improve working conditions, promote the enterprise production modernization, but under the same condition, transfer machine cost is high, the area is large, high in production organization and management requirements, production workers have a larger range.
Ii. Scope of application of automatic assembly line
The automatic line is suitable for the following products and production process
1, finalize the design, large batch, a certain life bearing products.
2, the structure of the product is easy to transfer, automatic loading and unloading, positioning and clamping, automatic processing, assembly and testing.
3. The product structure is relatively complex, and there are many processing procedures. The process route is too long, which leads to too many subsystems of the designed automaton.
4. Packaging and assembly processes, such as the production of batteries, toothpaste and other products, and weighing of liquid and solid materials.
5, because of the processing means, environment and other factors and not suitable for the use of automatic production, can be designed into the automatic line, such as painting, cleaning, welding, drying, heat treatment, etc.

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