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The advantage of coating line

Time: 2019-03-15 View: 1617

Shenzhen xinkaisheng automation equipment manufacturing co., ltd. is a professional engaged in the planning, design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and after-sales service of automation coating equipment production of high-tech enterprises.
Features and advantages of coating line:


1. High degree of automation of coating production line, saving human resources.
2. Adopt multi-layer lifting bar, strong conveying system with stable quality.
3, large drying room, more than a rotary baking, improve production efficiency.
4. Hot air circulation of fuel oil and gas can save energy and even temperature.
5, different workpiece, can choose different speed.
6, reduce the cost, save more than 60% of the coating.
7. Easy operation and easy troubleshooting.
8, the use of full dust, isolation, wind design, with high efficiency and safety.

Advantages of coating line:

(1) coating line dip coating operation sometimes caused by the coating, the lower paint film has thickness difference, especially in the lower edge of the coated material hypertrophic deposit, in order to improve the decorative coating, in small batch dip coating with a brush to remove the excess paint drops.

(2) in order to prevent the diffusion of solvent in the workshop and dust falling into the paint tank, the paint tank should be protected.

(3) after the large objects in the coating line are dipped and coated, the solvent shall be basically volatilized before being sent to the drying room. During the inspection, the coating on the thicker coating part shall not stick to the hand, and no fingerprint shall prevail.

(4) the thickness of the coating film is mainly determined by the ascending rate and viscosity of liquid paint object, according to the above requirements in control after the lacquer liquid viscosity, according to the film around 30 um * limit degrees, according to the different equipment, experiment to determine the appropriate rate. At this rate, improve the coated evenly object, improve faster, thin film;The lifting speed is slow and the paint film is thick and uneven.

(5) coating line constantly pay attention to the determination of the coating viscosity, each shift should be measured 1-2 times viscosity, if the viscosity increased more than 10% of the original viscosity, should be added to the solvent in time.

(6) of coating line should be paid attention to the coated object hanging, through the immersion test in advance to design the hanging fixture and a hanging method, ensure the workpiece in the * position when dip coating, the coating should be close to the vertical plane, plane and other levels is 10 ° to 40 ° Angle, make more paint coating on the surface of the can more smoothly flow.

(8) strengthen the ventilation equipment of coating line to prevent the harm of solvent vapor;Pay attention to the arrangement of fire protection.

Xinkaisheng automation equipment manufacturing co., ltd. has electrostatic coating equipment technology and equipment of the technical marketing elite, with outstanding non-standard product design and development, production and processing capacity, pre-sales and after-sales service capacity. According to the different product requirements of users, we can provide production process consultation, specially solve the problems of coating equipment and help design, manufacture and transform various coating production lines, so as to improve the appearance quality and anti-corrosion performance of users' products to a new level. Company personnel are all engaged in coating process and equipment engineering and technical personnel. They have worked in large foreign painting company or technical training abroad experience, has a number of large and medium-sized painting production line design, construction, site supervision, project management experience, has a lot of chemical, electroplating, mechanical design, mechanical, electrical, automatic control, air conditioning and ventilation, hoisting, transportation, environmental protection, all related to coating and anticorrosion technology.

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