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Use of spray gun

The structure of the spray gun is simple and easy to use, but it should be used correctly. There are many factors that influence the use of spray gun, such as the object of coating, coating materials, even the season. Spray gun using method of key mainly: adjusting knob control, grasp the movement speed and spray gun, spraying distance and phase in the coating of lap from several aspects, including spraying distance, gun running mode and the spray pattern lap is spraying, three principles, is also the foundation of spraying technology, must be familiar with, and strictly abide by it.喷涂喷粉柜内景

Maintenance and use of spray gun
Spray gun is a very important equipment in automobile painting. Its structure is precise and its investment cost is large. However, if the spray gun is used and maintained properly, the coating quality and service life will be much longer. Proper use and maintenance of spray guns is a basic skill that every painter must master.
1. Usage and maintenance of spray gun:
(1) check the needle valve and washer frequently, and check whether the seal book of air valve washer is leaking, and replace it in time if there is leakage; Always apply oil to the sealing gasket to soften it and make it slide.
(2) the screw thread of the air cap of the gun machine, the adjusting knob for the amount of paint spraying and the adjusting knob for air conditioning, etc., shall be painted regularly to ensure the flexibility of activities; Spray nozzle thimble and air valve spring should also be lubricated to prevent rust, conducive to sliding.
(3), the spray gun don't remove, it is necessary to remove the rectangular parts should be paid attention to when should not with garbage and paint, gas cap and nozzle absolutely should not have any damage, after assembly to adjust to the original appearance, pull the trigger test air and coating of overflowing effect.
(4) before using the spray gun, a comprehensive inspection should be carried out to ensure that the spray gun is in good condition before it can be used.
(5) during the use of the spray gun, avoid collision with the coated object or falling to the ground, otherwise it will cause permanent damage and cannot be used.
(6) when the work is suspended, the nozzle of the spray gun shall be immersed in the solvent to prevent the paint from drying and solidifying and block the nozzle; However, the entire spray gun should not be completely immersed in the solvent, which will damage the sealing gasket of all parts, resulting in air leakage and paint leakage.
(7) after the spray gun is used, it should be cleaned timely; otherwise, the paint channel will be blocked (especially 2K coating), which will be difficult to clean in the future, or even can not be used again. After cleaning spray gun, connected to trial spray paint pipe with compressed air, and to adjust the fan type surface of spray gun, air spray gun manually fan Angle is: 70-80 degrees, such as the problem is reported to the maintenance treatment in time.
The most important thing to maintain the spray gun is to clean it after use.

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