Mechanical Engineer

Job requirements:
1. skilled use of Autocad/SolidWorks/proe and other drawing software, drawing speed;
2. can design the plan according to the customer or order request, can be the only one side, learn to accept the ability, after the business receipt can be timely according to the order requirements to design the general map and dismantle the map, the BOM list, and cooperate with various departments of the company to complete the case, strong team awareness, strong communication ability;
3. more than 4 years of independent design experience in non standard automation.
4. interviewees are invited to provide previous cases.
5., we can plan the technical plan according to the requirements of the customers' products.
6. according to the plan and technical requirements, the design and development of the mechanical structure and mechanical parts of the non-standard equipment and the selection of standard parts are designed.

1. More than two years of non-standard painting automation mechanical design experience;
2. college degree or above, major in mechanical design, manufacturing and automation, mechatronics and related majors.
3. proficient in Autocad, Solidworks, PRO/E, and other related software to complete the structural design, and skillfully use at least one three-dimensional design mechanical design software.
4. familiar with machining and performance characteristics of various materials; master mechanical design principles and mechanical transmission, independently design mechanical parts or automation systems;
5. strong sense of responsibility, rigorous and meticulous, good communication skills, and have the ability to independently complete projects.
6. having the experience of completing the whole production line individually is preferred.
7. be able to travel occasionally, be able to work under pressure and have strong communication skills.

Contact phone: 0755-29752866

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